motorcycle tour

At a Glance


1200 km (750 mi)

Nights 8
Riding days 7

Asphalt twisty roads

How many riders?
up to 8

4star hotels
& Traditional guesthouses

Daily hours on saddle
6h to 8h avg

Traditional Greek

Peloponnese, a true paradise for motorcycling

The history and nature of Mediterranean printed in a blessed place.
An endless network of mountain routes at the intimidating mountains of Taigetos, in Ziria, Parnonas and Helmo. Places of exquisite beauty ,which are promising to give you magnificent pictures and even more magnificent experiences. Traditional small villages, canyons, rivers and lakes in a relief with amazing alternations in a really small distance from each other. Top beauty beaches are Voidokilia in Messinia ,almost all beaches in the region of Kaiafas, in Kardamili, Epidavros and Porto Heli. Destinations of authentic beauty, each one with its own special characteristics willing to welcome you all year round: Messinia, Monemvasia, Mani, Nafplio, Kalavrita, Ancient Korinthos, Mistras.

A journey to the history and the ancient civilization

In Peloponnese you will have the ability to admire the majesty of ancient Greece. Discover Ancient Olympia, the place which Olympic Games were created, wander in Mikines of Omiros, Sparta land of Leonidas, visit Epidavros with the famous ancient theatre, the most beautiful open theatre of the world, and the Asclepius-Monument of International Cultural Legacy of Unesco. Also the temple of Epicurus Apollo, which was crafted by the architect of Parthenon, Ictinus, but also great monuments of medieval architecture, such as the impressive and well preserved city of castles of Mistras in the region of Sparta, and also the venetian castles of Pilos and Methoni.

The famous “land” of olive

Olive oil and the olives that you will find in Peloponnese, and especially the ones of Kalamata and Messinia are famous all over the world. Taste the amazing wines of Nemea and Madinea and the well-known variety Malvazia. In the whole Peloponnese you will find small shops with traditional products, while well-known is the local honey, the delicious oranges of Sparta and Argos, the chestnuts of Parnonas, the sausages of Mani, taste the magnificent cheese made by small local producers. In Korinthia you will try jam made out of roses and the famous currant.

day by day


Day 1

We leave behind the city of Athens and following the whole coastline we reach the Isthmus of Corinth and the Ancient Acrocorinth before we continue on the mountain of Ziria. Traditional picturesque villages and lakes in our passage. We will cross the mountain of Helmos, go up to the ski center and arrive to Kalavrita

day 2

Day 2

Starting from Kalavrita and through a splendid route we will head to Ladon Dam, Continue passing through the unique birch forest throughout Europe in Foloi to come to the place where the Olympic Games were born. The city of Olympia!

day 3

Day 3

Morning visit to the archaeological site of Olympia and then the curved roads will take us through the Temple of Epicurean Apollo. Direction south through the valley of Agia Paraskevi to reach the homeland of the olive in Kalamata.

day 4

Day 4

Today the row of the Mani peninsula has its turn. We will reach the southernmost tip of continental Europe. The magnificent seaside Kardamili under the shadow of Mount Taygetos that will join us on our journey. The scenic Gythio and finally the unique fortress of Monemvasia.

day 5

Day 5

Direction north today with the bustle of the mountains on our left and a lovely lace coastline that we will follow for many kilometers, stop for a cool bath in Fokianos beach,before we get back in the arms of Parnonas to come to the wonderful village of Polydrosso.

day 6

Day 6

Parnonas first with the endless beech and chestnut forests, visiting the monastery of Elonis before we find the sea in the historic Leonidio and from there on a pure pleasure road, with the sea constantly joining us, we will reach one of the best preserved historical cities of Greece. The first capital of Greece, Nafplion.

last day

Day 7

Last day today before we return back, but very rich in interest. Mycenae and the most beautiful theater in the world, Epidavros, are on our way. The route along the beaches and through the mountains of northern Attica will take us back to Athens.

Tour dates

8-15 Jun

21-29 Sep

Price: 1200Euro

What is included in the price and what not


7 overnights in a double room
7 morning breakfasts
6 evening dinners
Tracks of every day's routes for gps and mobile
Maps of routes and points of interest
Travel Planning and Organization
Daily breafing before departure
All legal taxes


The cost of renting the motorcycle
Use of single room
Cost of gasoline
Toll costs
Entrance to museums and archaeological sites
Personal expenses
Personal insurance
Intermediate meals
Beverages and drinks
Anything not referred to above as "included"