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5 days Peloponnese Athens

A 5-day motorcycle tour to get a good taste of the wonderful Peloponnese

 Notable spots

Diros Caves

Located in Pyrgos Diros, near Gytheio, the Diros caves, Alepotrypa, Katafigi and Glyfada are another hidden secret. While the central cave ends in a beautiful underground river, the caves are thought to be some of the earliest inhabited sites in Greece, as many artefacts were found there. The caves are known for their beauty and also for the fact that they remain largely unexplored.

Voidokilia, Messinia

Located in Messinia, Voidokilia beach is one of the most beautiful in Greece, and probably in the whole of Europe.
Its most specific feature is the curve of the bay, which makes it look like an ox’s belly, hence its name. With white, fine sand, turquoise waters and a protected status, Voidokilia is a beach we would definitely put on our list.


The archaeological site of Olympia includes the sanctuary of Zeus and the many buildings erected around it, such as athletic premises used for the preparation and celebration of the Olympic Games, administrative buildings and other lay buildings and monuments. The Altis, the sacred enclosure and core of the sanctuary, with its temples, cult buildings and treasuries, occupies the centre of the site.
It is surrounded by a perivolos, or enclosure wall, which in the late fourth century BC had three gates on its west side and two on the south, and is bordered on the east by the Echo Stoa, which separates the sacred precinct from the stadium. The enclosure wall was extended in Roman times and two monumental entrances were created on its west side.
The stadium of Olympia, situated east of the sacred Altis enclosure, was where the ancient Olympic Games and the Heraia, the women's games in honour of Hera, were held.

Day by Day


Day 1

On the first day at the beginning you will discover the mountains and beaches of West Attica. A beautiful route so close to Athens will bring us to the imposing Corinthian Isthmus. One of the most beautiful motorcycle rides to follow will take you to the unique open-air theater in the world, in ancient Epidaurus. Overnight in one of the most picturesque cities in Greece. Nafplio is the first capital of Greece with its picturesque alleys, the castle and the wonderful beach with shops.

day 2

Day 2

The next day we continue south along a beautiful coastal route. Forgotten hidden beaches and traditional villages by the sea like Kyparissi are on our way. You will find it difficult to resist having a wonderful swim in the sea on one of the magical beaches of the Aegean. Overnight in the unique castle town of Monemvasia the best preserved Byzantine city in Europe.

day 3

Day 3

On today’s route, after passing through the picturesque port of Gythio you will make a tour in one of the most wild areas of Greece with the towers, Mani. Here you can visit the southernmost point of Europe, Cape Tenaro and one of the most impressive caves in the world, the caves of Diros. Traditional villages and magnificent crystal clear beaches up to the city of Kalamata.

day 4

Day 4

Methoni, Koroni and Pylos, one more beautiful than the other at the beginning of today's route. It is impossible to resist swimming in the unique beach of Voidokilia. Serpentine mountain trails will take you to the best preserved ancient temple of Greece, the Epicurean Apollo. In the end, the city where the modern Olympics were born, the city of Olympia.

last day

Day 5

The last day going for the return has magnificent routes. Passing through the mountains of Arcadia at the beginning, the traditional villages of Dimitsana and Stemnitsa, the Vytina forest, the Nemea wine road and the imposing Isthmus of Corinth are just some of the places to cross before returning to Athens.

Tour Info

This tour is currently offered as a self-guided, or as fully guided upon a group request of at least 3 riders. You can add one more day if you like. Contact us if you want some changes.

This tour can be done any time of the year but better from March to November.





















What is included in the price
...and what not


Motorcycle use for 5 days and only during the tour
Full accomodation for 4 nights in double shared room, including breakfast (single room optional)
Liability & theft insurance
(Optional) Pick-up Drop-off from the airport
Daily briefing before departure
All legal taxes


Cost of gasoline
Toll costs
Entrance to museums and archaeological sites
Personal insurance
Anything not referred to above as "included"