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7 days Central Greece east Athens

Incredible landscapes. Mountains and sea chased in absolute harmony.

Eastern Central Greece has, on the one hand, the Aegean Sea with its blue-green beaches and, on the other, its beautiful mountains. Evoia, one of the most impressive Greek islands, with unique beauties and looks in the Aegean, looks like a miniature of the whole of Greece. Pelion the mountain of the Centaurs with lush vegetation and amazing beaches in the Aegean Sea.
Olympos is the holy mountain of the Gods of ancient Greece. Lake Plastira, the wild mountains of Agrafa, Velouchi mountain, before we get lost in the endless swirling roads of Vardoussia , Parnassos and Oiti. Patraikos gulf in picturesque Nafpaktos, Galaxidi with the neoclassical houses of captains and cosmopolitan Arachova and Delphi.

Unique combination of driving pleasure and history

Separate beauty landscapes like rocks and perched monasteries in Meteora. UNESCO has designated Meteora as a Conservative and Protected Monument of Humanity. Delphi, the center of the world in antiquity. Olympos and the ancient Dion. Ski resorts overlooking the sea and traditional stone villages dug into fir and beech trees.
Canyons, lakes and forested rivers such as Agrafiotis and Krikeliotis would be our companions. Emerald waters, golden beaches, forests that reach the sea. Historic monasteries like the Virgin Mary in Prouso are on our way. A place full of surprises that does not let you relax moment by its beauty.

Exquisite local delicacies and delicious flavors

It is worth tasting the local authentic flavors of Central Greece. At Arahova you will buy the famous formaela cheese and handmade pasta. In Domokos you will taste the famous kitiki. In Evrytania, prosciutto is produced and you will taste extremely local meats and cheeses. The olive grove of Amfissa gives excellent olive oil and olives.
At traditional guesthouses guests enjoy the warm atmosphere and the small luxuries that will make your holidays special. A magical world of flavors and images unfolds in front of you.

Day by Day


Day 1

We start from Athens to cross the hanging bridge of Chalkida. Riding through the gorge of Steni to reach the magical beaches of Evia in the Aegean Sea. Pine and fir forests and endless turns bring us to the picturesque Lake of Evia.

day 2

Day 2

After breakfast and a ride by the sea, we arrive to the ferry boat that will take us to Glyfa. The mountain of the Centaurs Pelion awaits us to discover it. One of the most beautiful mountains in Greece through traditional villages, magical landscapes and driving pleasure.

day 3

Day 3

Today we will initially move north to the mountain of Kissavos after endless beech forests and the Aegean Sea to join us many times before reaching Mount Olympus in the Holy Mount of Ancient Greece. Through amazing trails we will end up in Kalambaka underneath with the unique Meteora

day 4

Day 4

Two choices for today. The first one has a guided tour of the Meteora Monasteries and rest after, while the second option after a short visit to Meteora a circular route to the magical Pindos. The picturesque Metsovo and unbelievable routes to Tzoumerka and the villages of Polythea will bring us back to Kalambaka

day 5

Day 5

Direction south for today. First we will cross Lake Plastira and the dam and then through the virgin mountain of Agrafa we will end up in the picturesque Karpenissi. Amazing beauty forests, rivers and old arched bridges like this of Viniani will accompany us on our journey.

day 6

Day 6

Today the day starts with a visit to the monastery of Panagia in Prouso. Then the route will pass us from the lake of Evinos and the villages of Nafpaktia to reach the sea and the city Nafpaktos overlooking Europe's longest hanging bridge to stay overnight.

last day

Day 7

Last day but very interesting. In the beginning, you ride by the sea before heading up to the Delphi and the cosmopolitan snow resort of Arachova. A small stop at the Krysa Springs in Thebes and return to Athens.

Tour Info

This tour is currently offered as a self-guided, or as fully guided upon a group request of at least 3 riders. You can add one more day if you like. Contact us if you want some changes.

This tour can be done any time of the year but better from March to November.





















What is included in the price
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Motorcycle use for 7 days and only during the tour
Full accomodation for 6 nights in double shared room, including breakfast (single room optional)
Liability & theft insurance
(Optional) Pick-up Drop-off from the airport
Daily briefing before departure
All legal taxes


Cost of gasoline
Toll costs
Entrance to museums and archaeological sites
Personal insurance
Anything not referred to above as "included"