Athens, Greece - 2020
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founder & CEO

Sotiris Papaioannou

'Sotiris on glasses'

Sotiris, the founder of MotoTravelGreece is synonymous with the word, adventure.
He has traveled with different motorcycles around Europe, America, Africa and of course almost all over Greece.
He has participated in many rally and enduro races.
He is also certified as a Tour Guide from FIM Europe.
He loves and deals seriously with canyoning, in winter skiing and sailing.

routes expert

Kostas Hatzigiannakis

Kostas has a special love for motorcycles, travels and mapping. With several rally races in his fortune as a competitor before dealing with their organization.

Kostas on top

Discovering the smallest forgotten road in Greece and the design of motorcycle routes, is his passion.
He loves music and meeting people all over the world with different cultures.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Harris Christopoulos

Professional photographer, race competitor, traveler either by land or by air.

photo credit: Harris Christopoulos

He passionately loves motorcycles especially in its dirt version.With tremendous experience in trial and hard enduro.
When he does not ride a motorcycle he does not miss the opportunity to fly with his paramotor and take breathtaking pictures from above.

Adrenaline freak

Vasilis Varvayannis

Vasilis, successful manager in his professional life, always finds ways and time to escape from the trades.
Motorcycle trips around the world, enduro and rally races, winter skiing and climbing are his passions.
He is constantly seeking ways to raise his adrenaline and become one with the wonderful nature of Greece.

'Vasilis on twisty roads'

Woman power

Politimi Kyriakopoulou

Polytimi, mother of four daughters, an architect, a lover of nature and of the two wheels.

'Politimi at service point'

A person with great drive and motivation, interested and passionate in travelling and adventure.
Always striving to improve her racing skills, giving herself the challenge of aiming for something bigger.
The only woman in Greece who participates in Rallies above few women in Europe.
Dakar Rally is her next goal.