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 Mad or Nomad?

 posted: 10 Sep '20

On 1st January 2018, Andy and Alissa said bye to the jobs, house, friends and family, sold everything they owned, threw lots of bags over a motorbike and set off to travel the world.

Check out their amazing journey at MADorNOMAD. A new place for motorcycle travellers to ask about, and help others, on all things regarding bike travel including packing, borders, routes, gear, shipping and more.

 General info regarding Tours

 posted: 11 Apr '19

We are trying to have small and flexible groups. Up to 8 or maximum 10 people including the pilions is the perfect number in order all to have a great time. We have no objection to serve larger groups and companies with necessary condition to know each other well and to have similar taste and expectations.

We choose the destinations based almost exclusively on secondary roads that have riding interest and cross places that you will remember forever. We avoid highways and we use them only if we cannot avoid them or to connect our routes.

The historical monuments that are almost everywhere in Greece don’t necessarily determine our route but a lot of them must be visited by a traveler. Obviously you can’t avoid Olympia, Delfi, Meteora, the Theatre of Epidavros and many more when you’re doing a trip at Greece, but on the other hand they are not the only things that determine our routes.

The lakes, rivers, alpine landscapes, the hunting of the Mediterranean flavor and the endless coastline of Greece give to the motorcycle rider amazing and important thrills. We promise you that we have chosen the best and most interesting routes that combine all the necessary things.

The hours on the saddle are enough each day in order to see as much as possible. The breaks for coffee, rest, photos, visits are granted each day and they are added to the daily duration of the trips. So, 8 to 10 hours on the saddle isn’t that strange, right? We can handle it. Can you..?

Driving a motorcycle and drinking alcohol don’t go together obviously. We never drink on the breaks. We opt for a coffee and a quick snack. We have the ability to taste magnificent local wines and not only on our dinner, but always with a limit. Don’t forget that we have to continue our route the next morning.

All our tours can be modified as of the duration if you want it. We can add days if you want. There are always interesting things that someone can see and many beautiful routes that we didn’t already have planned. Honestly we make a lot of effort to choose only the most interesting routes of which we are planning. We can also reduce the duration of the tour but, we don’t recommend it.

All guided tours can be realized also as self guided tours. You can simply ask for it and we will immediately make you an offer. Choose a date that is convenient add days if you want, you can choose a motorcycle model that you like from our brand new fleet and you can only bring your good mood. We will take care the rest of it.

 What makes us different

 posted: 10 Apr '19

Having the official certification of FIM Europe as Tour Assistant you have every reason to feel safe travelling with us.

All the motorcycles of MotoTravelGreece are new, latest 2019-2020 BMW and YAMAHA models .

Our motorcycles are preserved strictly and only at authorized workshops of BMW and YAMAHA and in this way they are always in the best functional condition in order to ensure you a safe tour.

All the safety and transportation equipment are provided, by Touratech.

The riders equipment is selected with the highest safety and function standards. Helmets ,jackets, pants, boots, all from branded companies, carefully chosen in an amazing state.

We choose our destinations and the hotels in which our riders are going to stay not based on their ratings on the internet but because they can offer something different to you. Boutique and cozy hotels with high standards of hospitality and services. We choose based on what we would also like for ourselves as travelers.

All the people of the team of MotoTravelGreece were borned and raised in Greece. We ride motorcycles for over 30 years, we have participated in many races, rallies and enduro. We have travelled almost everywhere in Greece and not only , even though in this country you always discover a new surprise in the next turn.

We deeply believe that we know this magical and so special country well, and we invite you to discover it with us.